Product Assbly & Uses:

 'Awning Handyman' Assembly and AHA LieFlat ground pegging.

Kampa or similar rear pole.
 (Shop Item 7)

 Kampa or similar Roof & Front Storm Support.
   (Shop Items 1 & 3,  5, 6 or 7)  

Roof pole securing clamp.
 Roof poles slip in heavy storms. Secure with pole clip.
Replace Damaged poles & brackets

Unique NEW anchor peg! Shop item 9. Use 8mm dia. rock peg or 'U' peg.
(Click on picture to enlarge.)

1. Rubber ladder or guy           2. Strong & safe to walk on.   3.Lying flat at ground level.    4Awning Handyman storm
   hooked over the A.H.A.                                                                                                               pole attached.

5. Dog tie.                                                         6. Guess who fell over this dangerous dog tie?                                                                                                       

  7. Five A.H.A. ground pegs remain in ground and flat.

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One 'Awning Handyman' is capable of all uses below.

Awning v Wind Storm

1. The ‘Storm Strap’ - This can be either attached to front corners or completely over entire roof. Whichever style, they both only
     have protection from the Awning lifting and have no protection from down, side or front wind forces. Depending how much 
     pressure you put on, this only adds to a greater chance of breaking the frame joint or buckling the frame leg with the added 
     weight of a wet canvas.
2. Basic ‘Storm Pole’ - The construction has no defence against strong winds or heavy rain or both. The top of the pole has either 
    a pole clamp or hook-on plastic pole clip. The two pole section is joined with a spring which gives no support to upward forces.
    The foot has a small plastic pointed anchor with one or two small holes for wire ground pegs. 

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