A.H.A. LieFlat ground pegging

(Awning Storm Poles)

A.H.A. Lie-Flat awning/tent ground pegging.

Another helpful new product from 'Awning Handyman'

A unique brand new style of pegging your awnings, tents, storm poles, windbreaks, dog harness, badminton nets and more....


  • The A.H.A. (Awning Handyman Anchor) is manufactured from 304 stainless steel which contains 8 - 10.5% nickel. This makes it highly corrosion resistant in comparison to other stainless steels and has a tensile strength of between 430 - 630 MPa.

  • All surfaces are polished and have chamfered edges.

  • Plastic free.

  • Invented in Wales, manufactured in England.

Selecting this quality stainless steel ensures each A.H.A. will last a lifetime in comparison to all other ground pegging components which constantly break, bend or unsuitable.

The hinge design not only ensures 50% safety when in use because of its low profile, but also 100% when not in use due to it lying flat at ground level.

The A.H.A. also limits lifting pressure direct onto its anchor as it is absorbed through the hinge pin.

Some ground pegs used on a daily basis either have to be protected or removed at night for your and other persons safety. If the latter, fresh undisturbed ground has to be found for re-use the following day.

Unhook your guy, rubber ladder, pole or dog leash in seconds and the A.H.A. lies FLAT and safe at ground level, or just below, or even under your ground sheet or mat. Read the advantages below.....

  1. Use with the 'A.H.' storm poles when required. The A.H.A. allows you to remove the A.H. as it sits inside your awning under the ground sheet with out the need to remove.

  2. It has two 9mm dia. holes, one for 8mm dia. rock peg or ‘U’ bolt and the other for bolting poles or 'D' clamps for dog ties etc.

  3. No more night safety lighting, cones or other as warning markers on basic ground pegging.

  4. Safe to walk on or drive over.

Seasonal pitch owner!

* Awning requires removal on each departure!

* Ground pegs removed for safety!

* On return, re-pegging into soft ground!

The A.H.A. can be left in the ground throughout your holiday week/month/season or year.

They could also be used to maximize Awning entry areas without the need for removing pegs on a daily basis or conning for safety.

Further use as dog ties, clothes line anchor or any game anchor.

Already, customers are sending very positive reviews and cannot believe this simple modification to a solid ground peg has never been designed earlier.

Ground Peg-A.H.A. Ground Pegging.mp4

'Awning Handyman Storm, Roof and Multipurpose poles have been temporary withdrawn from sale.

Just one set can be used for:-

Storm, Roof, Veranda, Aerial, Kampa Rear Upright Pole, even to erect your Awning single handed and more...

The 'Awning Handyman' is the strongest and most versatile storm pole in the U.K. as it is unlike basic storm poles with pole spring attachment and small plastic foot for wire ground peg. It has a solid pole attachment with clamping both top and bottom to secure to poles and strong ground pegs. When in position, it locks poles in their brackets, protects the awning through 360 degrees in gales, strengthens your joints and gives additional support to your roof and legs. There is no other invention that is capable of doing all this in one set-up!

The stronger your defense is, the safer your expensive caravan and awning will be, plus, it could save your holiday!

It's set-up and removal time is less than two minutes and when attached to my A.H.A. LieFlat ground peg, it can be detached leaving the ground peg in position for further use time and again as it lies flat under your ground sheet, carpet or on decking.

The 'AWNING HANDYMAN' has a multitude of uses at less than half the cost of all similar individual poles.

View my findings about Storm straps and basic Storm Poles on page Product Assbly & Uses.

Awning Handyman in position within the awning

and locked down with A.H.A. ground peg.

Positioning diagram for erecting on your own and storm protection. Below also shows roof poles preventing pooling.

*Customers comment -

The "Awning Handyman" poles are like fire extinguishes - you should

buy them before you actually need them not after.

**Customer review from North East caravan park!**

Read Steve's impressive results after purchasing my storm poles and

A.H.A LieFlat ground pegging in my 'Blogs' section. His awning

survived every storm and heavy snow falls in 2017-2018.

Video Clips See how Hurricane Gonzalo wrecked an awning in 2014 and how our awning survived with the 'Awning Handyman' storm pole.

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