A.H.A. LieFlat ground pegging!

All Awning Poles have temporary been withdrawn from sale.

Awning Handyman beats Hurricane Gonzalo & Hurricane Ophelia!

Campa Awning:

Bridging Broken Poles or Brackets:

These Dorema Fibreglass poles were tied down with Heavy Duty storm straps and pegs but were no match against the high winds. Straps only prevent lift in high winds but should there be a down force, the poles bend and loosen the storm strap. Does this mean an earlier than planned trip home from a long awaited annual holiday?


Where would you go, other than home, if this happened to you and you relied on your awning for your children’s toys, storage or housing your pets?

With so many different styles of awning poles and brackets, the only place to purchase replacement parts is probably with your supplier and you don’t take them on holiday with you do you?

The only answer to this and many other awning adaptions/problems is to carry the ‘AWNING HANDYMAN’ with you at ALL times.

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