2. Roof Pooling! 16/07/2016

Hi David, 

Thought you might like to know that we have just come back from Yorkshire with the caravan & we had some very heavy rain whilst we were away, but the roof poles did an admirable job & we only collected a small amount of rain in one corner of the roof instead of 2 huge pools either side! Many thanks.

We managed to get the site owner to pin one of your flyers to the site notice board, so hopefully you will get some custom from there.



3. James P.

Went to see Dave yesterday. What a Guy! With his skill and advice I know I can erect my awning with ease on my next caravan trip.

A big thank you Dave

4.  Email - Anthony West

Hi Dave, I would like to thank you for your help, I bought the brackets, They are identical to the Isabbela. Just got to remove the damaged ones Ive been told to soak them in hot water

Thank you


5. Email - Becky

Hi David

I put the poles in place 2 weeks ago and went over again on Friday for the weekend and they have done a great job!!!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH  for all you help and advice.


Best regards


6.  Email - Bob

Hi. David,

Thanks for the email. The poles arrived yesterday morning, 6th. 

Yes the courier tracking information didn't update since 1st July and I couldn't query it with them as they don't take into consideration that we don't use postal codes in Ireland.

Not to worry. My daughter is using the caravan at the moment for their holidays and I will be going down this coming weekend to visit them. (Cheap babysitter!) I will put the poles up then and your leaflet in the site office.

Thanks for your kind attention, it is above and beyond. Rest assured I will certainly be recommending you to the other residents on the site.

Best Regards,


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Awning Erecting Nightmares:

Stansdad -Location:Scarborough

Our 3.5m Trio was a nightmare to put up, I couldn't put it up on my own and caused no end of arguments between the missus and me...

ivan leslie - Location:Lincoln

Try to put it up with someone other than the wife!!! as others have said, quickest way to argument and divorce!! we (both coming up towards 70) have a fairly large awning...

Location:Co. Durham

Took me two hours to put mine up the first time, blowing a gale and sluicing it down, in the dark by the time we finished, (13 year old son), he held the centre pole, the main problem was the awning makers numbering of the poles and constantly referring to the diagram in the dark by head torch....


Those full awnings are the spawn of Satan!!

Tried to put ours up once, nearly ended in divorce!! Pulled it down again went down the camping shop and bought a decent porch awning big enough for a table and 4 chairs...

John Byrne - 18/02/2015

I found the awning handyman support poles make putting up any metal framed awning easy.


Dawn - 28/05/2013

We also on seasonal pitch and erected our Bradcot Consept awning only to have that ripped off the van and ruinned.

Insurance paid quickly and new Concept was purchased, except we paid extra for the fibre glass poles. (we had the aluminium poles too and they bent so easliy)

We also purchased these 'Awning Handyman's' (we have one in each corner)  so far they have with stood equally bad winds since.

Good luck. Dawn

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